Monday, December 31, 2007

The Hellion's Pic

This is my little hellion. The light of my life and the biggest pain in my butt. Isn't he a sweetie!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hellions new word

I went and picked D-man up from his dad today! I am so happy about that. I have missed him so much. He has grown almost an inch since he has been gone. Driving home we went over a bridge. I was telling him we're going over the big bridge. So he starts saying big bridge except it doesn't sound like bridge. Apparently he has trouble with this word. It sounded like he was saying "big b#tch"! I couldn't help laughing. I called my sister and left her a message. The Hellion says "Nini big b*#ch" on her answering machine now. I am going to have to work on his enunciation on that word.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Midnight Ramblings

Why does it seem like this Christmas everyone is having a really bad time? I have talked to so many people lately that just aren't in the mood for it. "Bah humbug" is an oft quoted phrase. Where has the Christmas spirit gone this year? It certainly isn't at my house. My mom and I put up the Christmas tree with much bitching and moaning. I thought maybe that would help. No go. I swear everyone in this house is depressed. I am just ready for this year to be over and the next to begin. For those of you who are in the spirit "bah humbug"!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Hellion

What do I say about the two year old terror who is my son? He is my heart and soul. While this kid can get into every kind of trouble imaginable he usually is cracking me up at the same time. How do you discipline someone when you are laughing so hard you are afraid you are going to pee your pants. I mean really, it just doesn't work. So he gets away with a lot more than he gets punished for. An example you say, ok. We were at the mall eating what passed for lunch that day. Apparently an old folks home decided to take a field trip because we were surrounded by senior citizens. My son drops his sippy cup (ok, so he threw it) and it broke spilling milk everywhere. My son looks at me with this pitiful expression of sadness and says (in a very loud voice) "Shit mommy, I broke it." The look on his face combined with the 30 or so gaping senior citizens did me in. I started laughing. Now I can't even chide him for cussing, again.