Friday, December 21, 2007

The Hellion

What do I say about the two year old terror who is my son? He is my heart and soul. While this kid can get into every kind of trouble imaginable he usually is cracking me up at the same time. How do you discipline someone when you are laughing so hard you are afraid you are going to pee your pants. I mean really, it just doesn't work. So he gets away with a lot more than he gets punished for. An example you say, ok. We were at the mall eating what passed for lunch that day. Apparently an old folks home decided to take a field trip because we were surrounded by senior citizens. My son drops his sippy cup (ok, so he threw it) and it broke spilling milk everywhere. My son looks at me with this pitiful expression of sadness and says (in a very loud voice) "Shit mommy, I broke it." The look on his face combined with the 30 or so gaping senior citizens did me in. I started laughing. Now I can't even chide him for cussing, again.

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Rachel said...

Rolling on the floor laughing!
Holy hell! Hi woman!!!!!!