Monday, May 12, 2008

The best weekend!

Let me just say I am exhausted! I had the best weekend!! I don't think I have ever packed so much into one 3 day weekend before. So Saturday I took Damian to the Kids Fest thing. It was rather boring and D was whiny. They did have a blow up obstacle course thing that Damian made it half way through before he turned around and came back out.
After that we went home and took naps. My parents went to the Rays game and I almost took D to that but he was not in the best mood so I took him to the mall instead. He played in the kids area for over an hour, rode the carousel and we ate dinner. We still didn't get home till after 9pm. Thankfully he fell asleep in the car.

Sunday I got him up and ready for church then sent him off with my mom. Then I got ready for Rockfest. OMG! It was a freaking blast!!! My brother and I got there around 11am. The first two bands were really good, then we kinda stopped listening for a while. Later that afternoon Surge was on and we started listening again. A few of our friends showed up and we hung out with them. Michelle and I went up to the stage to watch Three Doors Down. We were maybe five rows back by the time we couldn't squeeze through anymore. They were amazing. Then Kid Rock came on and blew everyone away. It was a great day and I had a great time. I got burned bad though. I also forgot to take my camera and I was pissed.

Today D and I went to Busch Gardens for his first time. It was so much fun. We wondered around and looked at all the animals. We played in Jungala and the Land of the Dragons. I realized my baby wasn't a baby anymore. He went on a ton of rides all by himself. He had so much fun. I couldn't believe he went on all the kiddie rides. I got some great pics of him today. We had a blast and didn't get home till late. Poor boy is going to be a mess tomorrow at school, but it was worth it. I think tomorrow is going to suck for both of us, but the weekend was well worth it!

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