Monday, September 8, 2008

Atlanta and UFC!

This was the best vacation I have had in a very long time! I had a blast in Atlanta with my brother and a couple friends of ours. We drove up Thursday night after everyone got off work. We got there around 2am and checked in at the Hilton! I love that hotel. We felt slightly out of place, it was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. We were on the 17th floor. The elevators were the cool ones you can see outside in. Friday we went to the Aquarium and that place is amazing. I am going back to Atlanta just so I can take the Hellion to that Aquarium. It was amazing. It was well worth the price. We spent a couple of hours there, then went to the Underground. It is a mall under the city. It was pretty cool. We hung out in an Irish pub there then headed back towards the hotel. There was a bar almost right across the street from the hotel so we went and hung out there. It was fun but damn expensive. $14 for a pitcher of beer. That is crazy. Oh, let me say we walked EVERYWHERE! I am serious, it was great. We got a ton of exercise this past weekend. Everything was within walking distance of our hotel. Plus the weather was perfect while we were there. It wasn't blistering hot and it didn't rain. We spent Saturday hanging at the hotel mostly. It was nice to relax by the pool and sleep in. Saturday night was the fight. I still can't believe we were there. I can't believe I was actually at an event. Our seats weren't great but we could see everything perfectly. My camera jut wouldn't zoom in enough to get good pictures. The fights were really good except the main event. Chuck Lidell and Rashead Evans fought. Evans won which pissed me off. He knocked Chuck out and he was out for almost a minute. I thought I was gonna cry. I was so sad my boy didn't win. He is who I really went to see. It was still fantabulous though. Sunday we drove home, stopping off to pick up the hellion from his dad. All in all it was an incredible weekend and I won't be forgeting it for a while.

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JamericanSpice said...

So glad you had an awesome time love. I love the photos and I hope you and Dman will have a great time too when you go back.