Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Every year I make at least one New Year's Resolution, every year I fail to keep it. This year I have decided it is a pointless endeavor. So here are my top five broken resolutions and why I am not making them this year.

1. I will lose all this excess weight.-I am 50lbs overweight and have been since I got married. That hasn't changed in five years and making a resolution about it won't change it. Now signing up and following through on the Discovery Channel health challenge might do it.

2. I will quit smoking.- I wasn't ready. I haven't smoked in over two weeks. No point making a resolution when I have already done something.

3. I will exercise more.- Yeah, this goes with number 1 but it is a little different so it counts as a second one. I won't exercise more unless someone puts a gun to my head and forces me. Of course my mom nagging me might work as well.

4. I will be a nicer person.- If you know me this is just funny. Nice does not belong in the same sentence with my name most of the time and it never will. I don't like people and I prefer when they don't like me back.

5. I will get a new hobby, one that doesn't involve sitting on my butt.- Yeah, that's gonna happen. I have discovered the internet, getting up off my butt isn't an option.

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe New Year!!

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