Friday, February 15, 2008

New Friends

I don't know how many people get to meet someone they have chatted with online, but yesterday I got to meet one. I had a great time and now have a new "real life" friend. She is just as cool in person as she is online. It was a little nerve wracking driving to meet here. "Will she like me?" "Will I like her?" "Will our kids get along?" All these questions are running through my head as I am making my way up I-4. It turned out better than expected though. We got along great. I think her husband is wonderful. The kids adored each other. I can't wait to meet more online friends! Yeah Jewels you are one of the ones I want to meet. LOL! Here are some pics of the Hellion and his new friends.

1 comment:

Jewels said...

Well, I've already said how cute all those kids are. And oh sure, you're only saying that cuz you knew I'd be reading this! LOL

Oh and by the way, I'd love to meet you and that little Hellion of yours!