Friday, February 29, 2008


My son adores his Tio! He walks around the house saying "where Tio?", "Tio play". The feeling is completely mutual as well. My brother dotes on his nephew. (The kid is spoiled rotten by all his aunts and uncles) So, last night we went and watched Tio play softball. It was so much fun. The Hellion spent half the game trying to get out on the field and the other half making friends with all the fans and other teams. He would yell for his Tio everytime he was up to bat. Tio was so excited that the Hellion made it to one of his games. He spent half the game bragging about his nephew. It was a fun game and I am just glad Hellion got to go watch one. Of course my camera is broken and I forgot to grab my moms so no pics this time.


Jewels said...

So did Tio win the game?? I bet that Hellion was tired after that one!

kmath said...

No we lost again, but it was fun anyway. Hellion fell asleep five minutes after we left the ballpark. He had a blast though.