Saturday, March 1, 2008


I live in a neighborhood with an association and stupid rules. They are a bunch of small minded idiots with nothing better to do than go around looking for things to complain about. Apparently when they created the list of rules for our neighborhood there were a lot of work trucks here because the neighborhood was still under construction. One of their stupid rules is no trucks parked in the driveway. Ok, fine. What would you like my brother and I to do with our trucks then. We can't stick them in the garage because they don't fit. We can't park them in the street or anywhere else in the neighborhood so what would you like us to do exactly?! Seriously, is this the best thing you could come up with. There are a zillion rules being broken in this neighborhood daily and you are gonna harp on an outdated one. Why don't you spend your spare time finding the hoodlums that wreck peoples mailboxes every week. Or the ones that litter in the ponds. Go find something worthwhile to bitch about and leave us the hell alone! I am gonna start parking at the park in the neighborhood. Don't think we have any rules about that. Meh!


Jewels said...

Hell, I wouldn't park my truck anywhere but the driveway. Screw them asswipes. And I'd make sure to call and complain everyday how much of a hassle they are being.

kmath said...

LOL! It is just so stupid and I hate that they are harassing my parents about this idiocy. I am gonna drive around the neighborhood and see how many people have trucks parked then tell dad to complain about that. Asswipes is right!

Lisa said...

And that right there is the #1 reason that I don't live in a neighborhood with a HOA. I hate them and their stupid rules.