Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My son the socializer

This kid makes friends everywhere we go and I do mean everywhere. I took him to the bathroom at a rest stop once and he made friends with the little girl that was in there with her mom. He is one of the friendliest kids I have ever seen. He is also a huge flirt. His best friend at his daycare is a girl named Morgan and apparently they are inseparable. He found a friend when we went to Busch Gardens and they rode the kids roller coaster 8 times in a row together. At his Tio's softball game last night I never had to worry about him because he made friends with a couple of older kids that were there. They were following him around by the end of the night. It scares me some because the boy doesn't know a stranger. He will talk to anyone that will give him five seconds. It also makes me happy because I wasn't like that and it was really hard for me to make friends. I am glad he won't have that problem.

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tatdoll said...

Seriously? Hard for you to make friends? You always had so many in college!