Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Testaments Two Gods?

I am not an authority on the bible. I have read it and done plenty of bible studies. I even took classes on it in college. I do have a religion degree and for a long time I considered myself a Christian. Lately I have re-thought that position. Anyway that is just background for what is my OPINION. It is not even a fully formed opinion. A post on MM really got me thinking and I wanted to post some thoughts I had and get others opinions on it.

It seems like the Old Testament God and the New Testament God are two different Gods. They have different attitudes, different paths and different ways they communicate. The old testament God is jealous and vengeful and full of anger. He is like a little kid who has to have his way or he throws a fit. He wants all the attention and praise and woe unto anyone who doesn't follow his directions EXACTLY. His temper tantrums are legendary and even innocents get caught in the crossfire. He is very hands on and has to be in everybodies business. The new testament God is much more laid back, more in control of his emotions. He is more loving and giving instead of angry and demanding. He lets people make mistakes and gently shows them the correct way. He has more confidence in himself and his creation.

It seems like either it is two seperate gods or God grew up from the Old to the New. Maybe having a child settled him.

Copied from my post on Mommymatter.


Anonymous said...

That was something that the DH kept bringing up when I would mention the thread on MM.

kmath said...

I am glad I am not the only one who sees this.