Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who's to blame?

I wonder if anyone takes responsibility for their actions anymore. I can't tell you the last time I heard, "it's my fault and I'm sorry". I don't know the last time I said it for that matter. Everyone always has an excuse or someone to blame their problems on. If is as small as, "I was late to work because of traffic." Or as big as, "It's my parents fault I killed that kid." We blame the teachers for our kids failing classes and the parents for everything else. We all need to readjust our thinking. We need to take responsibility for our actions, big and small. Start by apologizing without offering a gazillion excuses along with it. Work up to fixing your mistakes and not repeating them. Teach your children to do the same. Not everything is your fault but be accountable for what is.

I wrote this a month or so ago while at work. I had heard about ten different excuses that day for why a project didn't get done on time and I got annoyed. This is a little harsh, reading it now, but I still think it is a good post. We do need to take more responsibility for our actions and stop blaming the rest of society for our screw ups.


Christina M. said...

Great entry love. I agree with you 1334234233%.

It's also God's fault that people hate Jews. According to El Shaddai.


kmath said...

LMAO! Thanks Stina I needed that!